Update: Andrei Balanica won the IronMan Oradea competition at his age category

“The race from Oradea was an extraordinary experience, especially because for me the jack-pot was raising funds for HOSPICE. There were many difficult moments, that irreversibly changed  the way I think and act. This happened because I had almost one day in which I was alone with my thoughts and I understood what you can achieve with the right mindset. I am proud to be a member of the HOSPICE Team.”

Supporting HOSPICE cause with an iron will

226 kms and a 28 year old man who wants to push past his limits. This is the beginning of a HOSPICE story. A story about will, strength and determination. A story we can tell together on the behalf of thousands of HOSPICE patients.

An incurable disease represents a change in anybody’s fate.  A radical life transformation, for which no one can be prepared. The clash with destiny can only be won by those who exceed their physical and spiritual boundaries.  Through willpower, strength and determination!

Enter the race together with HOSPICE and Andrei and help us cross the finish line! Support us by donating one RON per meter for as many meters as you want to cover with us!

Andrei Bălănică is a young man who decided to push past his limits. In the summer of 2012, Andrei watched a movie about an IronMan team consisting of a father and his son, immobilised in a wheelchair because of severe health problems (www.teamhoyt.com). The story impressed him so much that he decided to participate in the 2013 IronMan competition (3800 meters swimming, 180 kms by bike and 42.2 kms running).

On the 22nd of June he will run 226 kilometers to prove that he can do it and also to support the cause of HOSPICE Casa Speranței. Until then, he is training by covering thousands of kilometers while collecting 1 RON donations for every meter he covers. All funds raised will be directed towards the care of HOSPICE patients.

Andrei’s athletic target is to complete the IronMan challenge that takes place in Oradea, on the 22nd of June, in less than 12 hours. This is the first competition of this kind that he is taking part in and his dream is to become the winner in his age category. At the same time, he wants to raise the bar very high and raise € 30,000 for HOSPICE.

In October 2012, Andrei took part in the first serious competition of his life:  the Bucharest International Marathon. He ran despite a muscle tear in his left leg. “I was very motivated to participate so I decided to run regardless of my injury.” At the moment he is training 6 days a week. He is running for tens of kilometers in one race and he is pedaling for hundreds. He is focusing especially on improving his weak point, swimming, where he has made spectacular progress by acquiring a correct technique.

“At first glance it seems like an impossible task, but once you become motivated enough there is no turning back. For me, IronMan is the event of the year 2013 and my mind is completely set on this participation.”

Andrei will attend the IronMan competition on behalf of HOSPICE Casa Speranței. “This constitutes one more reason to participate as I was very impressed by the HOSPICE cause and I wish to do as much as I can to help them through my activities.”

Support HOSPICE and Andrei by donating one RON per meter for as many meters as you want to cover with us!