At the beginning of the 90s, the palliative care concept was completely unknown in Romania. More than that, the public hospitals, the only available health care units where Romanians could go to for health issues, were offering very poor health care conditions. The same precarious conditions would be found in the oncology department, i.e. the place where patients diagnosed with incurable diseases would be admitted for treatment. Such poor health care conditions, quite common in those times, determined Graham Perolls, a British citizen who had visited Romania on several occasions, to take action and start a foundation that would eventually change the entire health care concept of treating patients suffering from incurable diseases.

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei was established in 1992, by a small team of hearty people, in Brasov. At that time the help provided by the organization was focused on the terminally ill patients who were close to ending a long suffering time after having fought a merciless diagnosis. In time, the palliative care was aimed at all patients suffering from incurable diseases or being diagnosed with severe illnesses, patients who would have a short life expectancy based on their diagnosis. While the HOSPICE Casa Sperantei team got larger and larger, a first integrated services center was inaugurated, also in Brasov, in 2002, this being the first center of its kind in Romania. 12 years later, HOSPICE would establish a similar palliative care center, only much larger, in Bucharest.

These 25 years of non-stop activity, the anniversary of which HOSPICE Casa Sperantei celebrates in 2017, reached over 20.000 people improving their existence and helping their loved ones. The Foundation became a real support for those caught in an unfair battle with an incurable disease. The health specialists within the organization have been, and always will be, close to those who are in need of palliative care, offering free of charge health care services, regardless of where these services are being provided, be it at a patient’s home, or at the foundation centers, or even at the hospitals that partnered with the foundation. The treatment, the chemotherapy sessions, the daily activities at the center, admitting patients into the health care units, the support groups, the psycho-emotional guidance and counseling, everything is meant to reestablish a sense of wellbeing, joy and hope to those who are facing difficult health issues.

With a quarter-century-worth of experience, the HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation is acknowledged as a benchmark in palliative care and a guiding example in terms of professional standards. Respect for every human being, care for each and every suffering soul, empathy and compassion are the core values that we stand by, for the simple reason that life is worth being lived in peace together with the loved ones.