Due to the quality of the provided health care services, The HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Foundation was designated as a center of excellence on palliative care in Eastern Europe following a study run by the World Health Organization.

Who are the beneficiaries of HOSPICE Casa Speranţei?

The HOSPICE Casa Speranței services are targeted towards adults with oncological diagnoses and children with severe or progressive illnesses (congenital malformations, neuromuscular dystrophies, organ insufficiencies, etc.). The organization offers support to the patients’ families as well and the implied methods are adapted to each specific situation.

What does ‘palliative care’ mean?

To the patients who suffer from incurable diseases, palliative care means a way of improving their quality of life.

Even when the patient’s health condition doesn’t improve as a result of the treatment, their overall condition may be bettered by controlling the upsetting symptoms, by relieving pain, by psychological counseling (also available for the family members), by accessing the social assistance services (in order to exercise their legal rights or in order to help the families who struggle financially) or by spiritual counseling provided by the priests, depending on each individual’s personal religious beliefs.

More than that, when it comes to palliative care, the patient is the most important, which is why no medical decision is made without the patient’s consent or unless the patient has been previously informed with regard to everything that the medical decision in question may comprise. A patient may undergo palliative care at the same time as the treatment prescribed by a specialist doctor is ongoing.

What are the services provided by HOSPICE?

After registering a patient, the multidisciplinary team within the organization evaluates the patient’s overall condition and identifies the specific needs that may be attended to through palliative care. Depending on those needs a decision is made with regard to which of the services available at HOSPICE may be the most adequate for the patient.

The organization offers medical care to its patients and their families through social support and psycho-emotional counseling. These services are offered at the day centers, ambulatory departments and inpatients’ units, as well as at the patient’s place of residence or in partnered hospitals.

The home-based health care services (meaning a multidisciplinary type of assistance offered at the patient’s home) is necessary throughout all the stages of the illness so that the patient and their family may get specialized support and counseling with regard to the therapies that must be carried out in order for the patient’s condition to remain stable or even improve.

On the first home visit, the team doctor evaluates the patient’s condition and chooses the most optimal care program. The doctor’s or the nurse’s following visits are decided upon together with the family, depending on the patient’s needs for specialized assistance.

Hospitalization in the HOSPICE units (admitting the patient in the accommodating centers of the organization) becomes necessary whenever the patient’s condition is so poor that it cannot be cared for at the patient’s home, or whenever the patient’s family needs support to continue fighting the patient’s illness. The hospitalization period may be up to 5 days for a child and up to 14 days for an adult.

The Day Center is open for those patients who can commute on their own. Besides counseling, this is the place where various activities are being organized in order for patients to socialize and relax in a pleasant environment where they can overcome emotional problems by getting involved in art related activities to creatively communicate and express their feelings and emotions that arise from dealing with their illness. For children there are also activities that imply play therapy and personalized educational activities to respond to their individual development needs. Here at the day center we also celebrate important holidays or special days of the year together with our patients.

The ambulatory department (for outpatients) also addresses those patients whose health condition allows them to commute on their own.

The HOSPICE team works in collaboration with specialized staff in the partnered hospitals offering assistance to the hospitalized patients and their families.

HOSPICE Casa Speranței does not offer emergency assistance services. Once registered, patients are prioritized based on their health condition and based on the ongoing programs run by the team of specialized doctors.

How does a patient get registered at HOSPICE Casa Speranței?

The registration of a patient is done at the request of the patient or their family, based on a form, filled out by a specialist doctor or the family doctor, submitted together with other relevant medical documents. New patients may be registered during week days, between 9:00 and 15:00, by submitting the required forms and documents to one of the HOSPICE centers or by sending those documents online.

After being registered with HOSPICE, are the patients allowed to stay in contact with their specialist doctor or their family doctor?

The HOSPICE team works together with each patient’s specialist doctor or family doctor. The latter ones may continue to consult the patient as often as needed and they may also continue prescribing some of the necessary medicine for their patient.

What does getting admitted at HOSPICE mean?

Getting admitted at HOSPICE first of all means continuous medical assistance. Doctors and nurses are ready to offer assistance anytime a patient needs care. Both the adult accommodating units and the children’s rooms offer great conditions, meaning a cozy and friendly environment attended to by caring and compassionate members of staff.

The meals served to all the patients are really tasty, with the possibility for each patient to choose a meal out of a menu that is well thought and adapted to the dietetic specifications for patients diagnosed with an incurable disease. The admitted patients may receive visitors anytime between 12:00 and 22:00.

What are the required documents for the registration of a patient with HOSPICE?

The patient or their representative needs to bring the following documents when they want to register a patient for palliative care:

  1. A referral issued by the family doctor;
  2. A copy of the patient’s identity card;
  3. The patient’s copy of a recent pension slip or an employment certificate approved by CAS (The Health Insurance Fund).
  4. A copy of all the recent medical documentation (hospital discharge note, CT scan results, histopathological examination results, etc.);

What are the costs of the HOSPICE Casa Speranţei services?

All the HOSPICE services for patients as well as for their families are free of charge.

The HOSPICE team

The organization has a team comprising doctors, medical assistants, psychologists, kinetotherapists, social workers, pharmacists, nurses and administrative staff.

Where are the HOSPICE Casa Speranței facilities located?

  • Bucharest

HOSPICE Casa Speranței Center – Bucharest

Palliative care integrated services

  • Brasov

HOSPICE Casa Speranței Center – Brasov

Palliative care integrated services

  • Fagaras

Interdisciplinary mobile team

  • Zarnesti

Interdisciplinary mobile team