Honorary Patrons of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei

Andrew Noble

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Romania

Dan Mihalache

Ambassador of Romania to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Walid Abboud

serial entrepreneur

Valeria Răcilă van Groningen

President of the Bucharest Running Club Association

David Hay

Managing Partners ADD Value Partners

Doron Klein

CEO of AFI Europe Romania / Czech Republic

Sorin Mindrutescu

Country Manager Oracle Romania

Andrei Pogonaru

Partner at Central European Financial Services S.A.

Sorin Preda

CEO at Global Vision

Veronica Savanciuc

Chief Executive Officer and President, Lowe Mullen Romania

Ziv Tetelman

President MC GROUP, Romania – Israel – Monaco

Andre Vivan da Silva

Vice President, South East Cluster Director, GSK

Grégoire Vigroux

Business Angel