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Prințesa Marina Sturdza
In memoriam

A model of ellegance, generosity and dedication, Princess Marina Sturdza remains in the hearts of the HOSPICE Casa Speranţei team as a remarkable woman, an exemplary human being and a citizen who loved humans, who has (re)built communities with heart and character, values, trust and hope. One of the biggest supporters of our countless charity activities and social projects in Romania, a patron of the Hospices of Hope international network, Princess Marina Sturdza has dedicated, with discretion, ellegance and perseverance, a big part of her life to help others.

Her generosity and light will comfort for years to come the many people suffering in Romania, because she substantially invested in palliative care for people diagnosed with an incurable illness.

BRomania (Matei Dima)
HOSPICE Ambassador
Ada Condeescu
HOSPICE Ambassador
Maya Noelle Prediger
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