HOSPICE Zărnești and Făgăraș

In 2008, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei established homecare teams in Făgăraş and Zărneşti. These teams have the capacity to offer services to children and adults suffering from incurable illnesses who live in areas that are further away from cities, in rural areas, that have limited access to medical care. The help is also offered to the families, most of them having limited financial conditions.

Contact the HOSPICE Făgăraș mobile team

“Dr. Aurel Tulbure” Municipal Hospital
Strada Ghioceilor 1, Făgăras 505200 , România

T: +40 372 577 900 | +40 733 101 696

Contact the HOSPICE Zărnești mobile team

“Dr. Tiberiu Sparchez” Hospital
Strada Policlinicii 12, Zărnești 505800, România

T: +40 372 577 900 | +40 733 101 696