• Home palliative care

Most of the HOSPICE patients receive palliative care services at home, since home is the place where those who suffer may be surrounded by the affection of their loving family. Following the initial evaluation, the patient and the nursing team stay in contact. The frequency of the visits depends on the evolution of the illness.

  • Inpatient Hospice Care

Depending on the patient’s condition, he or she can be admitted into one of the accommodating units in Bucharest or Brasov. The admission in one of the hospice centers is possible for a limited period of time after which the patient whose condition got better is released with the possibility of coming back should their health condition get worse.

  • Ambulatory consultation

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Ambulatory is a specialized medical office where patients benefit from medical assistance without them being admitted as inpatients.  The ambulatory is also the place where patients are registered and then instructed on taking up either home palliative care services, or getting admitted at the center or visiting the day center, depending on each individual’s situation.

  • Activities specific to the day centers of the foundation

The day centers for children and adults are places where patients may enjoy meeting friends and learning together how to fight their fears and loneliness.

  • Kinetotherapy

The kinetotherapy program contributes to improving the quality of life for the patients diagnosed with incurable illnesses. Physical exercises improve mobility while involving various muscles or parts of the skeletal system with great results for the respiratory system or the cardiovascular system.

  • Psycho-emotional counseling

The beneficiaries of this program are not only the patients, children or adults, but also their family members because sadness, desperation, panic and anger are common feelings that arise from fighting all the suffering, feelings that may alter the family relations.

  • Social services

Most of the times, many of the patients who suffer from an incurable illness also fight the lack of financial resources or they are unable to take care of the paperwork necessary for them to benefit from their legal rights, thus the foundation helps them by offering assistance provided by the social workers within the foundation.

  • Spiritual counseling

The spiritual counseling service helps both the patients and their families to overcome the difficult times that come with experiencing an incurable illness. The spiritual counselors’ purpose is to help the patients or their families to get in touch with a priest or a pastor depending on each individual’s personal choice or religious confession.

  • Online and call-center assistance

All care services are offered free of charge

to the patients and families of HOSPICE Casa Sperantei.